Thyroid Clinic

Coastal Surgery Specialists has an in-office thyroid clinic every two weeks. Our in office thyroid clinic provides patient convenience, comfort and satisfaction.

Thyroid Biopsy Procedure:

The thyroid biopsy procedure is ultrasound-guided procedure performed by our ultrasound technologists. This procedure is quick, painless, and performed in-office lasting only about 30 minutes.

Coastal Surgery Specialists works in conjunction with Wilmington Pathology for our thyroid biopsy procedures. On the day of the procedure, a cytotechnologist from Wilmington Pathology comes into our office and is present for the procedure to ensure enough specimen is taken for the pathologist to make a diagnosis. The aid of the cytotechnologist is to prevent the need for a re-biopsy.

Results of the biopsy are available within 24 -48 hours of the procedure.

Parathyroid biopsy:

CSS also completes parathyroid biopsies and is exclusively paired with the University of Southern California Endocrine Laboratory for parathyroid.